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Name Crabworm
Area Lost Cave, Tetanus Warren, Trash Coast.
Abilities Dig Underground, Spit Acid, Melee.
Critical Hit Point Eye

These are purple larvae-like creatures with the critical spot as the eye... they die very dramatically when you shot them in the eye to kill them. The only type is the Crabworm Larvae.

Crabworms first appear in the Lost Cave when you go to harvest Shock Crystals. They really aren't a problem in the game because they die almost as easily as Scythids.

You will notice that they go underground when taking a lot of damage, but don't worry, all they will do is come back up in front of you.

[edit] Boss

Crawmerax the Invincible is the only boss but is ridiculously hard. Crawmerax is guarded by new types of Crabworms and is level 64 he is only available in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx downloadable content.

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