Claptrap Rescue: New Haven

The third Claptrap Rescue Mission is painfully easy compared to the last one, all you have to do is a little bit of jumping. To start things off, find the Claptrap. In New Haven, the little guy is impossible to miss, as he's right next to the Bounty Board. Simple, right? Now time to find the Repair Kit.

From the Claptrap, go around the corner and through a small tiny little alleyway. To make this easier, looking for the giant blue water tower. Once you see it, look in front of it and to the right - you'll then see the Repair Kit up on a balcony. Getting their can be a bit tricky, but not hard at all. Go around to the front of the store that the Repair Kit is on, and take the steps to go on top of the store. From there, you should see a little case that has ammo in it. Jump on top of that, and go onto the roof from there. Walk straight back to the edge of the roof, and look down. You'll see the balcony you need to be on that has the Repair Kit. Carefully drop down, and you will get it.

Make your way back to the Bounty Board, talk to the Claptrap for your Backpack SDU, then the Claptrap will lead you to a wall, punch through it, and from there you will get some new guns.

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