Claptrap Rescue

Claptrap Rescue
Name Claptrap Rescue
Level 2
Difficulty Normal
Rewards 72XP
Given By Claptrap
Location Fyrestone

Perform a diagnostic on Claptrap, then find the repair Kit and repair him.

[edit] Objectives

  • Diagnostic performed: 0/1
  • Repair Kit: 0/1

[edit] Walkthrough

"Claptrap has been shot bu the bandits, but the damage looks minor. Perform a quick diagnostic, the see if you can find a Repair Kit somewhere in Fyrestone. You might be able to revive him."

Walk up to Claptrap and 'activate him' to perform a diagnostic check. The Guardian Angel will tell you to find something to help fix him up. At this point follow your waypoint back towards Dr. Zed's building. As you come to the building look left and you'll see a glowing toolbox on a table. Go over to it and 'use' it, then return to Claptrap and 'use' him to use the Repair Kit, you can then turn in the mission. Once you complete this you can continue the Skags At The Gate mission.

[edit] Completion

"Once you've tightened a few screws, replaced some burnt wiring, and judiciously applied a little duct tape, Claptrap is rolling once again."

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