Circle of Death

This is a hard mission if doing it at your level the enemies here will be:

Spitter Skag

Skag Whelp

Adult Skag

Aplha Skag

Elder Skag

Badass Fire Shag


The Arid Badlands


Round one

This one won't be to hard but try to not get over confident just kill the skags with any weapon except a sniper of any kind.

Round two

Same as the first but some of the skags will be higher level.

Round three

This one is just plain hard is has all the enemies listed.

Start by taking care of the lower levels...for alphas it makes thing easier if you take care of the weak skags you will have nothing to second wind on.

When the Fire Badasses show up keep a good distance from them if you are close you will get your self killed oh and try not to have any fire elemental weapons.

When done with everything but the fires try to shoot and run it will take a while but it is better than dieing.

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