Big Tournament

[edit] Achievement

Big Tournament
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On Neoseeker Big Tournament

Completed each of the larger challenges in all 3 coliseums

[edit] How To

This achievement is only available in the Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot expansion.

To unlock this achievement, you must complete the larger Hell-Burbia, The Angelic Ruins, and The Gully tournaments with the same character. These challenges each consist of twenty rounds, each of which contains 5 waves of enemies, totaling 100 total waves of enemies. Each of these challenges can take up to two hours to complete, and they must each be completed in a single sitting (you cant save, and pick up where you left off).

Each round, Mad Moxxi will make the enemies slightly stronger, and she will add various modifiers and handicaps that you must endure. As you progress to the later waves, she adds several modifiers and handicaps at once. If you die, you are set back to the first wave of the previous round (i.e., you die on the 3rd wave of the 17th round, you will be set back to the first wave of the 16th round). Each round consists of five waves: Starter Wave, Gun Wave, Hoard Wave, Badass Wave, and Boss Wave -- Always in the same order. Between rounds, large health and ammunition pick-ups will be scattered across the battlefield.

The Starter Wave will consist of various typical enemies (Bandits, Skags, and sometimes Lance Officers). The Gun Wave will consist entirely of enemies with guns (there will be no Psychos, Skags, or Guardians). There may be a few badass enemies among the Gun Wave. The Hoard wave consists entirely of Psychos (melee enemies), and it is usually somewhat shorter than the other waves. The Badass Wave, which consists entirely of powerful "badass" enemies, is the most difficult wave, especially in later rounds with powered up enemies. The Boss Wave will consist of a random boss, or sub-boss from the game (Sledge, Baron Flynt, Bone Head, etc.), accompanied by a couple bandits or Crimson Lance officers for support.

At the end of each round, a few weapons will spawn on the circular platform beneath the tower that Moxxi is commentating from (this is the area that you spawn at, as well).

[edit] Round Modifiers

There are several possible modifiers that can be activated, in any combination (tho there will not be two weapon-specific mods on at once). During the final rounds, there will be four modifiers active at once.

Beef Cake: Enemies have more health.

Body Shot: Body shots deal less damage.

Close Combat: Player accuracy is reduced, and close range damage is increased.

Combat Rifle Challenge: Combat Rifles deal more damage, and all other weapons deal less damage.

Dead Aim: Enemies have high accuracy.

Dodgeball: Enemies dodge more.

Elemental Challenge: Elemental weapons deal more damage, all other weapons deal less damage.

Heatshot: Critical hits deal more damage, all body shots deal less damage.

High Speed: Players and enemies move faster.

Iron Hide: Enemies have stronger shields.

Kick Ass: Enemies deal more damage.

Low Gravity: Players jump higher.

Naked: Players have no shields.

Overclocked: Enemies regenerate their shields faster.

Pistol Challenge: Pistols deal more damage, all other weapons deal less damage.

Rocket Launcher Challenge: Rocket Launchers deal more damage, all other weapons deal less damage.

Shotgun Challenge: Shotguns deal more damage, all other weapons deal less damage.

SMG Challenge: SMGs deal more damage, all other weapons deal less damage.

Spastic: Enemies move and reload quicker.

Vampire: Your health quickly drains, killing enemies regains health.

Weapon Masters: Enemies have better weapons.

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