Baron Flynt

Baron Flynt
Name Baron Flynt
Area Salt Flats
Abilities Sends waves of enemies at you before he'll attack you, explosive shotgun (Boom Stick) that has a chance of dealing extra elemental damage.
Critical Hit Point Head

[edit] About Baron Flynt

Patricia Tannis informs the player that she's been working with Flynt on obtaining the Vault Key. After much alleged incompetence from Flynt's end, Tannis claims she fired him and he stole a piece of her key, fleeing to the Salt Flats to escape revenge from Tannis regarding the Key. She then sends the player character after him to retrieve the final piece of the Vault Key.

As it turns out, this story was fabricated by Tannis, who was forced by Commandant Steele to lie to the player character to obtain all the Key pieces. Baron Flynt is actually just a bandit overlord who happened upon his piece by sheer coincidence, and has never met Tannis before.

[edit] Strategy

The main strategy for Flynt is to focus the minions he sends your way before you focus on him. They come in waves, starting with basic Psychos and Bandits, increasing to Badass Psychos and Brutes, and finally topping off with two named mini-boss enemies, Hanz and Franz.

Hanz and Franz are a little tougher than usual enemies, but they should be absolutely no problem to take down with a few Critical Hits from a high-powered Sniper or Shotgun.

On to Baron Flynt himself. After the waves are defeated, he'll come down off of his throne and begin descending the ramps leading down to the lower level (where you currently reside). If you shot him during the fight with the waves of basic enemies, he'll begin his attack far sooner, so it is not advised that you attack him until now.

Try to snipe Flynt from a distance, as his shotgun blasts deal bonus explosive damage with each shot. If this method won't work, it's advised that you ascend his ramps with a shotgun and use corners as your cover to avoid being downed. If you're put into Fight For Your Life, there may be some spare Brutes still around near the top to score a Second Wind.

Upon Flynt's death, he'll drop a variation of the Boom Stick.

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