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A bandit (left) and a Psycho (right) attacking an unknown character

Bandits are the most common enemy in Borderlands. There a few different types, so not all act the same way. Roland will first encounter them on the first mission, Fresh off the Bus. Originally, during the mining of Pandora by the Dahl Corporation, Bandits were convicts used for cheap labor, then simply left behind when Dahl left the planet, resorting to a life of crime to survive.

The Bandits use various forms of weapons, usually very rudimentary type. They are hardly any accurate whatsoever, however they are quite good at swarming and pinning one down with their combined fire and should not be taken lightly. There are many types of bandits, ranging from the midget's which run fast and generally do hit and run tactics (usually with a shotgun or blowing themselves up), the normal bandits which fire upon you, and the Bruisers which hold mini-light machine guns or shotguns but have a slow mobility. They take quite a lot of damage to take down. Another (and quite common) are the psycho's, which will sprint up to you (generally on fire) and try to whack you with an axe or a blunt object. This melee attack does significant damage, and can even take down your shield and half of ones health with one swipe.

All critical strike points on any humanoid are the head. These are the only types of enemies in the game that cover is really useful for. Although it provides sparatic help against other beasts, it does its best work against the gunfire of these humanoids. Also watch out for their turrets, which come into play at your first major boss fight Sledge while fighting your way to him.

[edit] Types

Name Description
Bandit Thug The Bandit Thugs are the base level for Bandits throughout Borderlands. Thugs are the first enemies you encounter on Pandora as Roland becomes acquainted with the first Claptrap.
Bandit Raider Medium
Bandit Killer Medium
Psycho Psychos are homicidal maniacs of Bandits that rush at Roland with a melee weapon, typically an ax, while screaming indiscernible words. Although their only weapon is the ax, they are not afraid to throw it while running in a zig-zag pattern to avoid weapon-fire. Upon taking sufficient damage, the Psychos usually take out a grenade and rush at Roland if they are close enough for a final suicidal attack. Psychos are usually identifiable by their orange pants and white face mask (with the Vault logo).

In Playthrough 2, Psychos are changed to Maniacs. In Playthrough 2.5, Psychos are named Lunatics.

Flaming Psycho Much like the regular Psychos above, the Flaming Psychos are melee crazed fighters. These psychos deal Incendiary damage upon contact and, as such, are immune to such damage. The Flaming Psychos wear a similar face mask but this one has feathers.
Mutant Midget Psycho Weak
Bruiser The Bruisers are a larger, tougher, and slower alteration of the Bandits. They are easily identifiable by their size, mohawks, and glasses. Due to their toughness, Bruisers follow a direct attack pattern, heading straight for the player with no intention of seeking cover, instead opting to deal as much damage as possible with their heavy weapons. If they get close enough, the Bruisers will deal heavy melee damage.

As Roland goes after The Final Piece, guarded by Baron Flynt, he will encounter Hanz and Franz, Franz is a Bruiser while Hanz is a Psycho.

In Playthrough 2, Bruisers become Brutes. In Playthrough 2.5, they become Bullies.

Midget Shotgunner Medium
Badass Raider Very Deadly
Badass Psycho Badass Psycho's are mostly just an enlarged and strengthened version of the typical Psycho. With a larger size, comes increased damage loads if they manage to hit Roland. In addition, the left arm is strangely shrunken compared to the abnormal size of the right arm.
Badass Bruiser GTFO

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