Bait and Switch

The Bait and Switch mission is pretty hard it has lot's of badass Spiderants and two Spiderant bosses.


Queen Abdomen 0/1

Abdomen Switched 0/1


The best thing to do is get out your best SMG,combat rifle or shotgun.

You will have to go in this corner kind of area in the Trash Coast.

You there will find Queen Tarantella she is very big and has lot's of health even shooting her in the abdomen will make her going down pretty slow.

Take care of the Spiderants around the queen they are just as bad considering there are a lot of badasses.

After killing the Queen take her abdomen and run to the way point take out the bandits near then switch the bait.

King Aracobb will appear and he is harder than most king but not as hard as the last spiderant you faced.

take out the spiderants around him kill King Aracobb and return the mission.

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