Arid Badlands

The Arid Badlands, which contains the almost abandoned region of Fyrestone, is the first location a player can visit. The area is a large, rocky desert controlled by skags and bandits - most other citizens were chased out.

[edit] Missions

Name Level Assigned By Reward
Fresh Off The Bus 2 Guardian Angel N/A
The Doctor Is In 2 Dr. Zed 48XP
Skags At The Gate 2 Dr. Zed 114XP
ClapTrap Rescue 2 Claptrap 72XP
Fix'er Upper 2 Dr. Zed 192XP + $118
Blinding Nine-Toes 2 Dr. Zed 480XP + $313
Got Grenades? 2 T.K. Baha 48XP
Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food 2 T.K. Baha 480XP + $313
Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha 3 Dr. Zed 90XP
Nine-Toes: Take Him Down 4 T.K. Baha 2880XP
Nine-Toes: Time To Collect 7 T.K. Baha Grenade Mod + 108XP + $2210
Job Hunting 7 Dr. Zed 108XP
Catch-A-Ride 7 Scooter 108XP
Bone Head's Theft 10 Scooter 4320XP + $1552
The Piss Wash Hurdle 10 Scooter 720XP
Return To Zed 10 Scooter Weapon Equip SDU + 720XP + $1552
Sledge: Meet Shep 10 Dr. Zed 144XP
Sledge: The Mine Key 10 Shep Sanders 1440XP
Sledge: To The Safe House 14 Shep Sanders 5760XP
Sledge: Battle For The Badlands 17 Shep Sanders 9804XP + $6866
Leaving Fyrestone Dr. Zed

[edit] Important Areas

[edit] Notable Residents

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