A Bug Problem

The other mission containing the two other Spiderant bosses,Helob and Widowmaker.

The main idea is you are killing two spiderants that are causing trouble.


Retching Seeps Sample 0/1

Widowmaker Killed 0/1

Fetid Cauldron Sample 0/1

Helob Killed 0/1


Rust Commons East


Grab the sample at the way point then wait for Widowmaker.

Once Widowmaker appears she will be a bit bigger than most spiderants.

She has the shoot crap from abdomen ability and if close she will stomp creating a shockwave.

Widowmaker can burrow herself be prepared for this.

She can also make a corrosive stomp.

Just kill her buy shooting her in the abdomen with a shotgun this shouldn't be to hard.

Go Grab the next sample and wait for Helob to come out. Helob has a similar strategy but still different.

Helob instead of corrosive is fire. (yes because of Hel in his name.)

For me I felt like he had more health but I have no idea about that.

Just get a shotgun out shot him in the had when he turns around shoot him in the abdomen.

Go turn it in and your done.

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